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RCM is a generalized methodology for ranking.  It can be used to screen, sort, filter, match or simply rank; in a more fair manner than traditional approaches.  RCM is based on new math, a generalization of the multi-criteria decision making problem.  RCM was developed as an extension to Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) theory but is more akin to Game Theory in many respects.

For Industry – as with any new University research based mathematical discovery, the applications for industry are easy to find.  Routing, assignment and prioritization problems are common and RCM offers a new perspective in their formulation and solution.

For Governments in need of transparent, inclusive and more fair decisions, RCM provides a framework and new tools to help.

For Academia – whether selecting scholarship winners, admissions criteria or simply grading a class, RCM offers a new and better way to do this and many other prioritization tasks.